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Valve Sacks

We carry an extensive stock of generic items in our specialist areas


  • Suited to high speed filling of powder based product such as cement and grout.
  • A barrier ply can be incorporated for extra moisture protection.
  • Bags can come with a loose LDPE liner.
  • High porosity paper is used to allow quicker air dispersion from the bag.
  • Valves are paper tuck or ultrasonic seal and supplied to customer specification.
  • Cement sacks UK, Grout bags Ireland, Lime sacks UK, Grout sacks UK, Lime bags UK, Cement bags UK
  • ​Cement sacks Ireland, Grout bags Ireland, Lime sacks Ireland, Grout sacks Ireland, Lime bags Ireland, Cement bags Ireland
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  • Coated BOPP bags are tough and durable with a range of custom print options available.
  • They are perfect for a wide range of products such as plastic granules, lime, compounds, pigments and food items.
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